Well, this is embarrassing.

Looks like you've caught us in the middle of upgrading up our web stack.

We're working herder than ever to get our website back up and running, on a new platform, with an all new look, so we can properly showcase our expanded offerings.

In the meantime, this is just a test to make sure all the parts are wired up properly

The Video Section has been replaced with a simple HLS client to demonstrate some Computer Vision analysis we're working on.

If you feel like trying to hack us (AKA: offer us some free penetration testing), please don't hesitate. We don't think we've done anything particularly stupid (nobody ever does). We therefore invite (and definitely welcome) anyone with some genuine skill to fins vulnerabilities during our built-out. Corner-cases or 0day exploits welcome. To give you a start, we're using

NGINX => Unix Socket =>
Unix Socket =>.NET Core 2.2 =>
Kestrel => Proprietary ORM (which takes advantage of the object-relational / built-in denormalization features of PostgreSQL) =>
ORM => PostgreSQL

This is somewhat of an experiment to see if we can achieve web-scale with less moving parts. So no Redis and definitely no MongoDB

We think it's much better to catch anything we've missed before we put production data on here

WARNING: DO NOT take this as an open invitation to DDOS our host. It's not "hacking" and requires absolutely zero skill whatsoever to perform. It simply wastes resources and will get you a jail sentence. Behavior designed to be nothing but malicious will not be tolerated, and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

If you can achieve it, a bit of light-hearted defacement will be tolerated as proof of concept, but please nothing NSFW

Anything else novel that you can find (like mis-configured web servers, XSS vulnerabilities or bugs in .NET Core (Hey, it's new, such things are not unheard of) or how we've connected it to NGINX, or just dumb stuff like permissions not set correctly please email us at pwned@corplite.com.

Anything of substance will win a monetary prize up to USD$1000.00 depending on it's significance