Corplite Perception™Video ViewerV0.3.0.506 PROTOTYPE 1

Welcome to the Corplite Perception™ Video Viewer. It uses nothing but Javascript Code and requires no native plug-ins. Once completed, it will run on any modern device, from Desktop PCs to SmartPhones (maybe even a SmartWatch if there is demand).

At present, this is to test the streaming capabilities of our web-server, so includes showing pre and post analysis of a YouTube video which contained enough action to stress test our classifier. Subsequent clips have been run through a custom trained YoloV3 full classifier.

Full attribution to YouTuber Keithy Baby for having the first video I found with enough action in it. I'm presuming fair use, however if you'd prefer me to use another source, email us at and I'll find some other source content

Hopes this gives you an idea of where we're at (You know who you are)