Business Systems

Business Systems

Business Systems


Are you struggling to juggle your sales flow from purchase to invoice to inventory management and accounting systems? Or  are you struggling to find the best way to execute your business plan? We offer all sorts of professional advisory services from drafting your idea into a professional business plan to analysing claims/sales data so that you can optimize your business systems.

Feel free to contact us for an evaluation and report. Corplite offers free initial consulting and our consultants are a team of strong professionals that have spent years in the field working in large successful companies and their strategies and experiences can help take your business to the next level.

Don't pay that 15 thousand for a quote for enterprise software, we communicate with those vendors to get the cheapest option for you.

Business Process Review 

Corplite offers a free initial consultation. From then, our team will conduct evaluations and reports for your business. Corplite have special partnerships with ERP software companies such as SAP, Oracle, Google, Amazon and Microsoft and can provide you with the best strategy to obtain the tools required to optimize your business. If you are not in the software industry, ERP vendors will charge heavy fees for quotes and consultation. Large consulting companies will assign accounts managers, business consultants and data analysts for your job increasing the cost to unfair amounts. Corplite takes the weight out of this process by helping smaller businesses avoid this lengthy process and unfair costs. We know that you don’t want to pay for your drinks before you enter the bar.

Custom Business Applications 

Corplite doesn’t charge through the roof, a business system is something that holds daily operations together and serves as the effective process to run your company or business. We can build an application and implement it to your current working systems so your old business systems can still help with your new goals such as interacting with new software or dealing with an increased amount of sales and change in staff infrastructure. Corplite can also create a new application from scratch, this is something we’re passionate about and specialise in.

Corplite applications are:

-Fully customizable by users
-Easy to integrate with inventory management systems and accounting systems like MyOB, SAP, Salesforce and Proton
-Highly reactive and we boast state of the art UI/UX experiences for users
-Secure, we pen-test our applications and our team specialises in data security and the privacy of information
-Have features such as: Job scheduling, integrated live tracking for delivery, accounting and inventory management, data upload and download (for on-site documents, receipts and signatures)

How Do We Deliver?

We understand the optimal combination of back and front end development  changes constantly. Our methods of delivery will vary depending on your needs. If your business is after a desktop app with a local database we can create a downloadable or transferrable desktop application package or a VM that you can load in house. If you require a web based application where data is shared or stored on a server we can create Front end code to pull out of those web servers for you. If none of this makes sense to you either, we can walk you through it. You have control of how your system will be deployed and maintained.