UI-UX Design

UI-UX Design



Your website and applications your staff or customers use need to look good. A boring old website will lead to bad habits and a poor working environment. Investing in the experience that users will have with your company is important for business.
Are you frustrated that your website isn't getting enough hits or your application not getting enough downloads and uses? Are you a corporate entity which needs an upgrade of your current website or in-house applications. Maybe your IT team you had can no longer cater for your needs due to various circumstances.

Corplite can help you deliver a compelling website or Application and walk you through your digital advertising options.
We make brands look good. And the experience that users have when they visit your site or use your application should be something they are inspired about.

What Can We Deliver?

– Page mockups and story flow for both staff, management and client sessions
РNative scaled applications for mobile and tablet size adaption whilst  keeping the magic of your original designs.

-Corplite creates customizable websites and if you’re just after a scaled design of your website or web application so you can develop yourself elsewhere, that’s definitely something we can do for you.
-Our websites are always breathtaking and interactive, if you know what you want, we can help you translate that visually.


How Do Our Services Vary From Others?

  • Lean and smart methods of delivery and development makes sure our clients are always satisfied, there are no second thoughts or what-if’s with your final product.
  • Our style is new, clean and unique, we know your needs from a business owner’s perspective.
  • Our design teams are advanced, we know what the next trends are and we can put your content on the train before everyone else hops on.

What Can You Expect From Our Services?

Our methods are a compilation of years of combined work experience, extensive research and honed practices. Corplite’s deliverables include progressive drafts so you can see how your product is bought to life. This is an important step that many companies fail to do due to their pride as a provider of service or products causing unhappy clients and a poor end result. Our team understands that taking an extra step leads to a greater relationship and higher quality product giving benefit to both sides.

Why Should You Choose Our UI/UX Designers

Our Graphic Designers are also our web developers. With these complimented skills, Corplite can create a targetted easy to use and high performing website/application to suit your needs.

Work together with a team of strong UI/UX designers and developers

we Create refreshing experiences for the end user

Our designers Understand how the look and feel of a website or application can affect user decisions