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Our prices are fair.

Frustrated that there is no middle ground between heavily priced high end consulting companies and untrustworthy DIY services or overseas companies? Corplite can help, we don't charge unnecessarily for things like initial consultation and we have a passion for helping local businesses grow no matter what size they are. If you want to know who's on the other side of the phone when you call for help, you can trust Corplite.

Website Development and Optimization

Your website and applications your staff or customers use need to look good. A boring old website will lead to bad habits and a poor working environment. Investing in the experience that users will have with your company is important for business. Are you frustrated that your website isn't getting enough hits or your application not getting enough downloads and uses? Are you a corporate entity which needs an upgrade of your current website or in-house applications. Maybe your IT team you had can no longer cater for your needs due to various circumstances.

Corplite can help you deliver a compelling website or Application and walk you through your digital advertising options. We make brands look good. And the experience that users have when they visit your site or use your application should be something they are inspired about.

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Mobile Applications

We solve business problems with custom-designed solutions. The apps we develop depend solely on your needs, we're good at finding out what these are. Our design processes are transparent and lean, we develop for both IOS and Android. The apps we create are native, if you have a preferred development framework or wrapper you want used for your app just ask!

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Business Applications/Bespoke Software Development

Corplite supports local businesses and is open to international clients. We want to help you achieve your goal in expanding your business and taking it to the next step.

Our Prices are lower than DIY website competitors

Whether it is a simple marketing website to advertise your services or a larger website with different features such as: job scheduling, inventory management, user login, file storage or even an interactive application, we can build it for you.

Corplite handles its own hosting, we offer hosting and charge roughly 40% less than DIY website tools such as Wix, Squarespare and Shopfiy. If you have your own servers, we can deploy it there or teach you how, and if you want us to host other projects for you we can!

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Business Strategy Consulting, Financial and Legal Advice

Are you struggling to juggle your sales flow from purchase to invoice to inventory management and accounting systems? Or  are you struggling to find the best way to execute your business plan? We offer all sorts of professional advisory services from drafting your idea into a professional business plan to analysing claims/sales data so that you can optimize your business systems. Feel free to contact us for an evaluation and report. Corplite offers free initial consulting and our consultants are a team of strong professionals that have spent years in the field working in large successful companies and their strategies and experiences can help take your business to the next level. Don't pay that 15 thousand for a quote for enterprise software, we communicate with those vendors to get the cheapest option for you.

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Graphic Design

Our Services Are Professional & Affordable

Corplite has a passion for art and expressing yourself in the  most beneficial way. We want to help you build your brand image and be more confident about your business.

We provide end-to-end services for businesses requiring brand articulation across the print and digital space. We value relationships and are committed to understanding your needs to offer targeted solutions at competitive costs. We focus on providing effective results and driven solutions with a fresh outlook and approach. We help to create a distinct visual language to drive your business and help you connect with your customers. Our in-house graphic design teams are talented and our style is modern. We have what you need to make your business stand out and your ideas and passion set the trends for the coming generations.

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Digital Marketing & Advertising Strategy

Do you need help getting your website off the ground? Do you want to know the tips and tricks of the trade that will get your website more hits than you're currently getting?

Corplite has a team of experts for this, we can help evolve and manage your marketing strategy so that your brand and services come out on top of the competition, and on top of the Google searches for areas that you need them. We've helped many local businesses peak their website visits. With our help, your target audience will begin to notice your brand too.

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A digital approach will always shape your company's future.

We help small startups become amazing companies. If you're ready to take the next step and work for yourself rather than someone else, odds are that you will need your own website. If you are an established business and your systems are weighing you down, don't put upgrading and changing your systems off, Corplite is the answer you've been searching for.


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