Business Systems

Business Systems

Business Systems

Are you struggling to juggle your sales flow from purchase to invoice to inventory management and accounting systems? Or  are you struggling to find the best way to execute your business plan? We offer all sorts of professional advisory services from drafting your idea into a professional business plan to analysing claims/sales data so that you can optimize your business systems.

Feel free to contact us for an evaluation and report. Corplite offers free initial consulting and our consultants are a team of strong professionals that have spent years in the field working in large successful companies and their strategies and experiences can help take your business to the next level.

Don't pay that 15 thousand for a quote for enterprise software, we communicate with those vendors to get the cheapest option for you.

Business Process Review 

After a free initial consultation, Corplite will conduct evaluations and reports for your business/company. From there we can see if to achieve your goal, we can work with current accounting/inventory management systems or applications you have to achieve your goal or we can look at introducing ERP software. Often if you are not in the software industry ERP vendors will charge heavy fees for quotes and consultations and large consulting companies they will almost always assign accounts managers, business consultants and data analysts for your job. With Corplite, we take the weight out of this process by helping out smaller businesses who do not want to encumber this lengthy process and unfair costs.

Custom Business Applications 

Whether or not we can write a few lines of code and implement it to your current working systems so your old business systems can work with your new goals such as interacting with new software or dealing with an increased amount of sales and change in staff infrastructure, or creating a new application from scratch this is something we’re passionate about and specialise in. Corplite doesn’t charge through the roof, and if local companies smartly invest into the right development of their future systems which their businesses revolve around we can mutually benefit each other greatly.

We build business applications which are:

  • Fully customizable by users
  • Easy to integrate with inventory management systems and accounting systems like MyOB, SAP, Salesforce and Proton
  • Highly reactive and we boast state of the art UI/UX experiences for users
  • Secure, we pen-test our applications and our team specialises in data security and the privacy of information
  • Have features such as: Job scheduling, integrated live tracking for delivery, accounting and inventory management, data upload and download (for on-site documents, receipts and signatures)

Why Should You Choose Us?

Our developers are local. We operate within strictly legal boundaries and we don’t cut corners whilst finding you the most cost efficient options, we are competitive. Our process enables us to deliver speed to market, saving our clients money. It is also flexible enough to embrace collaboration and consultation.

Every client can expect clear and transparent communication. You will work with a local Melbourne team of dedicated, talented and approachable staff.