Digital Marketing & Advertising

Digital Marketing & Advertising

Digital Marketing & Advertising


Do you need help getting your website off the ground?
Do you want to know the tips and tricks of the trade that will get your website more hits than you're currently getting?

Corplite has a team of experts for this, we can help evolve and manage your marketing strategy so that your brand and services come out on top of the competition, and on top of the Google searches for areas that you need them. We've helped many local businesses peak their website visits. With our help, your target audience will begin to notice your brand too.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has grown to become the most influential point of sales for almost all product and service industries over the last few years. Businesses of all sizes are opting to outsource social media management and marketing and the opportunity to do so should not be overlooked. Find out everything you need to know about these strategies and why the Corplite is the best place to get your business the attention it needs.

What can we do for your business?

  • Research, strategy and implementation of social media programs.
  • Managing, monitoring and maintaining social media sites and regularly updating content and design.
  • Coordination of all social media activities within designated response times.
  • Researching, data scraping and compiling content into editorial calendars.
  • Social Media Page Design

Search Engine Optimization

We tailor highly strategic campaigns that streamline targeted traffic for your businesses. Corplite is dedicated to driving visitors who ready to make a purchase through to your website, ultimately increasing leads, sales and revenue.

We’ll assist your business to obtain influential visibility and authority within the online space, using comprehensive keyword strategies, competitor analysis and unmatched digital streamlining methods.

Break through your KPI’s and track who is viewing your sites from where and when with our backend we set up for your website.
We use industry secrets and tricks combined with paid advertising to get your website in the top 10 Google hits for areas that you require specify.