Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications


We solve business problems with custom-designed solutions. The apps we develop depend solely on your needs, we're good at finding out what these are. Our design processes are transparent and lean, we develop for both IOS and Android. The apps we create are native, if you have a preferred development framework or wrapper you want used for your app just ask!

Mobile Experience

Smartphone Apps have changed the way we live our lives. Mobile apps are used everyday most people. Corplite can help you to craft a quality mobile application for your business. Our applications are top notch and go through extensive security penetration testing and user acceptance trials.

Websites, professional graphic design and app development are our speciality. Our team work together to integrate stunning designs chosen and modified by you to make it your personalized product.

How Do We Differ From Other Firms?

Corplite develop, test and scale out your application as per your requirements. We bring end-to-end services for Android and IOS development right to your doorstep. Our team of dedicated developers works hard to create the best custom native and hybrid apps for Android, iPhone, tablets, and wearable devices. We understand the financial/advertising and LEGAL implementations your application needs.  Our team of professional consultants perform extensive research and data analysis for a strong business plan to make sure your idea succeeds. Our team is always available, we’re easy to reach during and after the project duration, you’ll always know who’s on the other side of the phone. Confidentiality for all projects is guaranteed and all intellectual property is yours to own.

Cross Platform Availability

On demand, Corplite’s applications can be available on the Google Play store for Android apps and iTunes store for Apple devices.