Impact solutions for real-world problems

We build enterprise Web Applications for data visualization, workforce planning and automation. Cater for modern business requirements with Cloud Solutions and do more than you ever imagined with Blockchain technology. Our products cater for various industries and use the latest technology, methodologies and practices to give you the competitive edge.

COVIDTracer is a Visitor Management solution that automates the triaging of patrons. A simple cloud solution which requires no download.

Used by over 50,000 Australian Businesses

Go digital. Go litecard. Our solution helps businesses digitise membership cards and accreditations/IDs. The possibilities are endless when new technology is utilised to increase compliance, engagement and engagement.

Over 400,000 active cards live

ConnectID is an EFTPOS network of identity providers. This solution helps Australian businesses automate identity verification, providing better services and products.

Corplite is an exclusive EFTPOS partner. We integrate this network into businesses such as Government, Airlines and Banks (KYC).

Sick of constantly changing COVID requirements and deciding which platform to implement?

• Manage Staff/Visitor Check-Ins
• Live Headcounts
• Conduct automated health screening

We help brands and digital creators sell and verify their assets on the Blockchain. Non-Fungible Tokens enable you to grow your brand by:

• Increasing brand loyalty and awareness
• Acquiring new markets
• Providing individual customer experiences
• Selling products and services for Crypto

Gomi-Map is a free online map platform that shows the nearest recycling spots with additional instructional information.

Featured in the 2021 Japan Reuse Business Journal

We give back to the community. Use our free online service to make QR codes. No pay wall and no security issues.

Over 600,000+ QR Codes generated


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