Need A Website?

Need A Website?

Need A Website?


Corplite supports local businesses and is open to international clients. We want to help you achieve your goal in expanding your business and taking it to the next step.

Our Prices are lower than DIY website competitors

Whether it is a simple marketing website to advertise your services or a larger website with different features such as: job scheduling, inventory management, user login, file storage or even an interactive application, we can build it for you.

Corplite handles its own hosting, we offer hosting and charge roughly 40% less than DIY website tools such as Wix, Squarespare and Shopfiy. If you have your own servers, we can deploy it there or teach you how, and if you want us to host other projects for you we can!

Web Application Development

Corplite endeavours to enhance your business’ performance and capabilities with our digital products. We take our client’s business model and into account and provide innovative suggestions to optimise the business processes. Customers often look to Corplite to build web applications that streamline daily operations to improve efficiency and sales.

Our  solutions are scalable with room to work and will not break if you pick up more jobs, staff or even reduce in size. Our applications are accurate and our focus is to ensure that your web apps are user-friendly and cost-effective in terms of design, development and maintenance.

Custom Web Development

We develop websites from the ground up, so that they achieve your business goals. We understand the need to deliver information immediately, clearly and consistently.

You can rest assured we will search for the best strategy for your custom user interface. We have the professional expertise and confidence to make your website or web application easy to use and reliably fast.

Keeping Up With The Times

We’ll convert your static website design into a dynamic online presence that will make you a lead competitor.

As experts in responsive website design, irrespective of whether it’s being viewed on desktop, smartphone or tablet, we’ll prioritise your content for the best possible experience.